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Indiana state champions

Indiana State Horseshoe Pitching Champions
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                                                                                                                   INHPA business cardDownload a PDF document with eight 3-1/2" X 2" cards, which can be printed, cut out and passed out to other horseshoe pitchers, showing this web site address of the INHPA.

National Horseshoe Pitchers
Association Links

National Horseshoe Pitchers Association
indiana horseshoes
Indiana Horseshoe Pitching
Club Web Sites

Frankfort (Clinton County Horseshoe Pitchers Association)
President Sam Payne  email:  sampa@accs.net

Other Horseshoe Pitching Links on the Internet

Surrounding States
Ohio State Horseshoe Pitchers Association:  http://www.horseshoesohio.com
Kentucky Horseshoe Pitchers Association:  http://www.khpahorseshoes.com
Tennessee Horseshoe Pitchers' Association:  http://tnhorseshoepitching.com

Other States
CHPA - Colorado Horsheshoe Pitchers Association:  http://coloradohorseshoepitching.com
Southern California Horseshoe Pitchers Association:  http://www.pitchwithus.com/SOCAL
  Minnesota Gopher State Horseshoe Pitchers Association:  http://www.minnesotahorseshoes.com
Florida State Horseshoes:   Florida
Missouri Horseshoe Pitchers Association:  http://www.mohpa.us/
Texas Horseshoe Pitching Site:  http://www.texasringer.net
Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:  http://www.pennshoes.com
Pro Tournament: HP Pro Tour
Elmer Hohl Horseshoe Pitching Summaries:  http://www.horseshoecanada.ca/hcan/hall/Summaries_ElmerHohl.html

Curt Day Official Web Site of the Curt Day Horseshoe Courts.  A Web Site for the Horseshoe Courts named after and in honor of the career of 18 times Indiana State Champion & 3 times World Champion Curt Day.  Located at Dorner Park, Frankfort, Indiana.

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